Los Angeles, California 0 comments
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I too was bombarded with non stop calls from this company and many others, even though I am on the do not call list and my number is unlisted.

I dropped my landline, now I have VOIP phone service (like Vonage, Lingo, etc) which I totally love. With all the free features provided, you can block these bastards from ever calling you in the first place.

I love logging into my account every now and then to see the dozens of attempted calls to my number from these telemarketers that never get through!!

This is probably the best and only way to do away with these scumbags.

CCS First National Card - CCS Credit RIP OFF

Killeen, Texas 0 comments

CCS scammed my husband and I of the 200.00 fee even after we called to cancel the card AND when we notified Fort Hood National Bank, we still got no assistance and were told there was nothing that could be done.After the exorbitant fees and hours on the phone, we decided to report them both to the BBB and the Banking Commission, there is a way that the bank was supposed to assist us and refund our money, beware all, and CCS CEO and Owners, disgruntled customers are coming for you.

There has to be a legal recourse, and I have nothing but time on my hands to find it.

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CCS First National Card - This company really sucks

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My daughter received this in the mail.CCS had no problem taking the money out of our account.

I did everything I was told to do by a Bob. Today I call in and speak with Adam (who is supposedly a supervison) and he informs me that Bob is too busy to speak with me and now he tells me I did not return the package in the correct way. They received it but now state that I did not get a refund number. So it will not be refunded.

This should be against the law for a company like this to operate.No wonder they have to lie and keep your money because no one will use their card once they find out all the details.

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CCS First National Card - The First National Card

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the first nartional bank are scammers they stoled 199 dollars from my checking account and when i called to claim my money they told me that they were going to send me a voucher so i can use toward their catalog that i never received and the voucher expiredmin 30 days so if you have received a packege from first national bank dont even open it just trow it away because they will get you too and they are a bunch of scammers and they have no respect for the public because afternthey take your money they act like they are helpping you and what theynare really doing is scamming you more

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CCS First National Card - CCS or First national Card is a Big Joke!

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my daughter who is 12 yrs.old , got this card in mail and started to activate it. I start researching this card like what you said this is too goo to be true!

I researched and saw all the pissed off customers on this website, i called in to cancel this card even before the said date that we have the right to deactivate this card and yet the rude supervisor is still giving us a hard time!!!

The government should start cracking this company! why is it this people start sending all this cards, anybody can get to my mail, room mates, neighbors and they can steal our identity!

maria- clovis, ca

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Buffalo, Wyoming, United States #11866

i went to activate this son of a ***

it said it was activated.

doesnt work tried buying cigarettes with it but no

Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, United States #11501

Every single one of these complaints could have been avoided if you had bothered to take 5 minutes to READ the information that came with the card.! I can not and will not believe that the American population is that *** to believe that they will get something for free, especially when these are marketed towards people who have no, little, or bad credit.

Dinero, Texas, United States #9476

Just got the card in the mail.Does sound too good to be true and every website coming up when I search for this company comes up with Bad Reviews.

Don't screw up your life by activating this card.They will take money out of your bank account daily even though they say there are only a few activation fees.

Jacksboro, Tennessee, United States #9022

I received one of these in the mail as well.My daughters were shredding junk mail and came accross it.

It looked sketchy to me (anytime you receive an actual card in the mail without requesting it, you should be suspicious).

I found this website and immediately ran the so called credit card through the shredder.Thanks for saving me the headaches I might have encountered.

Sumter, South Carolina, United States #8780

ok people, if it sounds too good to be true it is...point blank..

stop activating this card do what i and most other smart people do rip it up throw it away,,, be done with it,, notify everyone you care about not to use it and eventually they wont be able to work the scam as long as people keep trying to make a buck for nothing there will be some smart a.. out there making money from them dont be giving your money away..


Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States #7895

Hello from another victim of CCS.

My story isn't much different from any of these & they've now taken $500 from me, too.

I found a 1988 court case in Nevada against them for fraud.

I intend to contact the Attorney General in Nevada & my home state with my case information.

If other victims join me, we could file a class action suit against CCS & get our money back.

What do you say?

You can contact me at

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #7643

my son who is 21 got this card has no visa logo or master-card or anything........he was under the impression he could take a vacation & use it.........what a *** joke.......ccs 1 First National Card...this is just unreal !!!!!!!!!!!you bastards !!!!

!!!!!! what thel *** how do you really go through with this *** making money of of scaming young people.............go to *** !!!!

grow the *** up.......get a real career !!!!!stop the bull ***

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #7642

is this a freaking scam.........first national....get a life

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CCS First National Card - CCS-Card in Mail, BIG SCAM!

Monroe, Michigan 6 comments
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I thought that this was a scam the minute I saw the limit on it. I had never heard of this company before in my life so I decided to research it and I am so happy I came up with this site.

I am so sorry to anyone that didn't research it before sending them money. I was very suspicious when I saw that you had to send them so much money from your own account and that all the fees didn't get added to that card itself. No credit card company does that if it is legite.

I hope that when people get these they research it because I am glad I did. Another thing, when they give you the number to call they said if it was busy to keep trying. Give me a break.....a good company wouldn't put that on there.




I am interested in hearing if anyone has even come close to making any type of connection with who these people are. I am tired of their *** and would pursue an action if I had any idea with who to start with (them). Let me know please dickeydunkin AT

Groesbeck, Texas, United States #13522

This company calls my work phone at least 5-7 times a week, the caller id comes up and they are calling from ca, fl, md. I have been trying to make a list of all the times they have called, as soon as they think i'm going to tell them to take me off their list they hang up. i think the next time they call i'm going to act interested and ask them to hold for a moment and keep them on the phone, raise this company's phone bill up and waste their time.

Levelland, Texas, United States #9726

truly a great cite I received 1first national card in the mail and I'm not in a situation to take a hit in my pocket while walking up the stairs I was ready to activate and buy two beds for my sons and just chip at the bill like any other credit card and i notice that there is no website to veiw there products to see if its worth it but I did find you and this card got cut up and thrown out while reading these other testomonies thank you you saved me some $$$$ headaches keep it up

Oxford, Ohio, United States #7234

i will never apply for this fraud!!i was warned about it years ago.

when my hubby got mail for it ...

allways look up these thing before applying!!!!fare warning to all check it out before you say ok !!!

Williston, North Dakota, United States #6775

the letter itself looks fraudulent. In any case, forums like this are indeed very helpful.

Woodmere, New York, United States #5824

Thank you to everyone who has posted this saved us a lot of headache and money.

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CCS First National Card - Keep charging me every 2 weeks 200.00 comes out of my account

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my husband got a ccs card.and there was nothing in the catologs we today we tried to cancel his account.and the rep got nasty to him and I.every two weeks they are taking out 300.00 out of our my husband tried to close the account down but they couldn't do it over the phone.We the consumer has to write them a letter and end it to they can cancel it.which is a bunch of bull----....I just wish there was a way to get all our money back and tell people not to do business with these jokers.they'll just keep taking money.and on the one letter I read on this .the highest price on it was 179.00.well we had to put in 300.00 please stop people like these....

CCS First National Card - Costumer service is bull ***

Oakley, California 0 comments
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i received the 1 first nation card that i have never requested for and when i try to call for cancelation those ***...... doesn't responce properly it is hard to reach them

it is totally rediculos

and there card is also not that good

it is a fraud company

i search there number in internet and finally get one number and call them and asked to canceal that the clerk said that she can't canceal the card . she said i have to call other number and when i ask for other number to canceal the card she said she don't know. what the fu... that she don't mean she don't know working in costumer service and don't know the number of other department. it was totallyy fu....... up

the number for costumer service is 18007207125 call them and do............

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CCS First National Card - CCS First National Merchant Credit Card

Buffalo, New York 8 comments
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I received their credit card in the mail and did some research... Recipients beware! Rip it up! Here is what I found...

For Release: June 19, 1998Telemarketer of "Credit Services" Agrees to Settle Federal and State Fraud Charges

Consumer Credit Services, Inc. (CCS), based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has agreed to settle charges that it defrauded consumers nationwide through the deceptive telemarketing of credit cards and lines of credit for an up-front fee. The Federal Trade Commission, joined by the State of Nevada as co-plaintiff, charged CCS and its president, Eric A. Peterson, with violating the FTC Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), and the Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act, by falsely representing that consumers would receive a major credit card or a $2,500 unrestricted line of credit in return for paying CCS an up-front fee ranging from $149.95 to $179.95. The settlement prohibits the defendants from engaging in the alleged deceptive practices, and requires them to pay $5,000 to the State of Nevada to be used for consumer protection initiatives.

According to the complaint detailing the allegations, CCS first contacted consumers by mailing written advertisements that stated, among other things, "You have been APPROVED for a $2,500 unsecured credit line from the Financial Card Division of CCS based on the information we have on file regardless of past credit," and "... your Approved credit line of $2,500 for credit purchases and cash advances will be available once you receive your CashPlus Card just by calling now." The ads contained small pictures of VISA, MasterCard and a CashPlus card on the upper right hand portion.

Consumers responded to the ads by calling the telephone number listed, where they were referred to CCS salespeople. The salespeople continued to represent that the consumer had been approved to receive and would receive a credit card and a $2,500 line of credit regardless of past credit history. Consumers were also informed that they would receive a VISA or MasterCard. Once consumers agreed to purchase CCS’s credit products, they were asked to pay a $149.95 fee, either by having their checking account debited or by charging it to a pre-existing credit card account.

Contrary to defendants' representations, the complaint alleged, consumers only received a package of materials from CCS that disclosed, for the first time, severe limitations on their ability to use the credit products promised. First, the $2,500 line of credit applied only to the use of defendants' "CashPlus" credit card (which was not a general credit card, but could only be used to purchase items from CCS catalogues); second, the cash advance was limited to only $10; third, consumers did not receive a VISA or MasterCard, only a form to request an application for a VISA or MasterCard that they must send to a bank; and fourth, CCS’s CashPlus card could not be used in an ATM machine.

The complaint further alleged that the defendants violated the Telemarketing Sales Rule by:

requesting or receiving an up-front fee to obtain an extension of credit; and failing to disclose the material fact that CCS' "CashPlus" credit card could not be used as a general credit card. In addition, the complaint alleged that the defendants violated the Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act ("DTPA") by:

failing to disclose a material fact in connection with the sale of services; failing to register as a "credit services organization" and post a bond; charging or receiving money before full and complete performance of the services have been completed; and making affirmative misrepresentations in connection with selling their lines of credit and/or credit card. Under the settlement, the defendants are prohibited from misrepresenting that consumers would receive:

an unsecured line of credit of any stated amount without restrictions; cash advances of any stated amount; or a credit card that is represented to be a general credit card to be used to buy goods or services from numerous merchants. The settlement also prohibits the defendants from misrepresenting a consumer's ability to obtain an unsecured Visa or MasterCard credit card and from misrepresenting the ability to obtain or provide any credit instruments, such as credit cards, lines of credit and cash advances, regardless of a consumer’s credit history.

In addition, the order prohibits any violations of the TSR and the Nevada DTPA in connection with the telemarketing of any goods, or services, and requires the defendants to comply with Nevada registration and bonding requirements. Again, the settlement also requires the defendants to pay $5,000 to the State of Nevada to be used for consumer education purposes.

Finally the settlement contains recordkeeping provisions to assist the FTC in monitoring the defendants’ compliance.

The FTC and the Nevada Attorney General filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada, in Las Vegas, on May 7. The settlement, which required approval by the court, was filed and signed by the judge on June 3. The Commission vote to file the complaint and the settlement was 5-0.

NOTE: The stipulated final judgment is for settlement purposes only and does not constitute an admission by the defendant of a law violation. The settlement has the force of law when signed by the judge.

Copies of the complaint and the stipulated final judgment and order for permanent injunction are available from the FTC’s web site at and also from the FTC’s Consumer Response Center, Room 130, 6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580; 202-FTC-HELP (202-382-4357); TDD for the hearing impaired 1-866-653-4261. To find out the latest news as it is announced, call the FTC NewsPhone recording at 202-326-2710.

Media Contact: Howard Shapiro,Office of Public Affairs202-326-2176 Staff Contact: Jeffrey Klurfeld or Jerry SteinerSan Francisco Regional Office901 Market StreetSuite 570San Francisco, California 94103415-356-5270

(Civil Action No.: CV-S-98-00741-DWH (RJJ))(FTC File No.: 982 3004)

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i need a new card


I signed up a few years ago...and i never received my catalog.

I called and they sent it. I called to cancel, but they asked for a writen letter. I did not think to make a copy. I thouht it was all taken care of.

A year passes. I notice on my banck account... 3 payments of $99.00. I tried to call the 800# but all i get is a recording.

I dont know what to do i want my money back and i need to get ahold of the idoits to cancel.

I wrote them another letter demanding my money back and to freaken cancel out the account.I

Verdunville, West Virginia, United States #11443

Mural Paul

290 East 93rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11212

29 April, 2008

CCA Customer Service

P.O. BOX 46101


NV 89114-6101

Dear Sir/Madam

I am cancelling my membership to MERCHANT and CASH ON-DEMAND with immediate effect. I am also withdrawing my consent for you to deduct moneys from my Chase Checking Account.

To date, I have contributed over $600.00 in registration and other fees and have no corresponding benefit.

I am seeking a partial refund and hope you do cooperate.

Thanking you for a speedy reply,

Yours truly


Mural Paul

Copy - JPMorgan Chase Bank

Chase disregarded my withdrawal of consent and still honoured 2 checks submitted by CCA totalling $ 128.99 $

Vidor, Texas, United States #10086

does anyone know the phone number to call to insure that my first national card is deactivated?

Buna, Texas, United States #9359


Magee, Mississippi, United States #4165

I have sent a letter in dec. to cancle my account at ccs and cca cca has sent me a letter to say i was cancled ccs has not so please cancle my account thank you edward f allen ps send me an e-mail at

Laporte, Minnesota, United States #3862

:? about it all

Livermore, California, United States #2712

Well, it seems these folks are STILL up to no good! They sent me an unsolicited credit card in the mail. Of course, this is for purchases thru their catalog.

I shredded the card, dropped a letter to them insisting they remove me from their mailing list and have begun a letter to both the FTC and the Postmaster General. Using the US Mail Service for such unlawful mailings, I believe, would be considered a Felony!

Yeah...I\'m a pissed consumer!! :(

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